A Very Woolley Christmas!

lance eating

KISM will be broadcasting from Bob’s Burger and Brew at the Corner of  Cook Road in Burlington on Friday, December 19th from 6-9:45 am and have asked us to be a part of the program again this year.  This is  an awesome opportunity to tell our story to a wide audience, as well as help us raise funds.

We invite you to join us and are especially interested in having any recipients of care packages come to the event and/or call in to share their experience with the listeners.  Or if time is tight, a written note that we can share on the air would be awesome as well!

Please contact coordinator@swcommunitytroopsupport.com for more details if you would like to join us!

KISM is going to have a drawing at Bob’s Burger and Brew for a Christmas stocking that will include HUNDRED’s of dollars of gift certificates, including jewelry and a Cabella’s gift certificate, among lots of other goodies.  They are still adding to the stocking, and John Reynolds (an awesome SWCTS supporter) will provide more details as the stocking is stuffed!

Thank you for your support of our troops!

opening care package



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Now Accepting Name for Care Packages

2015 Holiday Care Packages for Our Troops Serving Overseas ~ Now Accepting Recipient Names

Who do you know? Our Annual Christmas Mailing is rapidly approaching and we are seeking names of friends or family currently serving our country overseas. Each year we ship more than 200 care packages packed with items requested by our troops. If you know of someone that could benefit from receiving great stuff from home, please visit our website www.swcommunitytroopsupport.com where you can submit their mailing address.

Care package donations will be graciously accepted through 11/11/2014 this year. Visit our website for drop off locations throughout the area, as well as our Wish List.   Click Here

Afganistan Medic Santa

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Help Needed!

Saturday, September 13th we will be holding our Annual Donation Drop Off Day and NEED YOUR HELP to make this a success!  Volunteers are needed to hand out copies of our Wish List and collect supplies from shoppers for our Christmas Care Packages this holiday season at Wal-Mart in Mount Vernon and Fred Meyer in Burlington.  Please let us know if you can help out!

Fred Meyer 

9 am – 11 am   Virginia – NEED ONE MORE VOLUNTEER

11 am – 1 pm    NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS

1 pm – 3 pm     NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS



9 am – 11 am   Sherry – NEED ONE MORE

11 am – 1 pm   NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS

1 pm – 3 pm     NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS

opening care package



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Surprise Box of Donations Received

Last Tuesday there was a surprise box of donations filled with Christmas Care Package items in our mailbox along with the following letter that we would like to share with you~


Baltimore, MD

July 2014

Dear Service Member,

My name is Marina and I am 30 years old, married and family on both sides—lots of fun and drama at the same time.  I am sending care packages in my father’s memory, who passed almost a year before, and who was giving everything, the shirt on his back if need be, to others in need.  My father was a great man, an eye surgeon in a country called Romania in Eastern Europe.  By making many people see with pro-bono surgeries for poor people and good prices for those with money, my father made me “see” what a rich feeling it is to love and care for others.  He gave me and my brother somewhat of a military education when we were growing up, which we came to understand and appreciate in later years.  I have never seen so many flowers in my life like I have seen on his grave and at his funeral, brought by a mass of people.


I am a counselor.  I have been working with children with special needs for over 12 years, now going into my internship in this country to get licensed here—and switching to elderly.  Not as big a leap as it may seem—just an upgrade.  It’s time for me and God showed me my next step.


This letter is not about my father though.  And it is not about me.  Or my family, or my lifestyle.


This letter is about you.  By choosing to be there, to sacrifice yourself to be away from your loved ones for long periods of time, you made it possible for me to attend to every child and young adult I worked with.  Now, as I am moving on, you make it possible for me to help old people (70+ years old) to enjoy and look forward to what they have left ahead.  Both populations, children and elderly, are part of you and I.  At young ages, we had no clue of the world, at old ages we will have little energy left, though tons of clues.


In between these extremes, it’s us, you and me.  Today, like Alice in Wonderland–2 sides of the mirror.  We do our best at what we know.  I want to reach through the mirror and shake your hand.  “Good job, brother” … “Good job, sister”..  If you don’t have anybody home, I want you to know that you do.  About 300 million people like me, whose parents raised them in a safe world, wake up every day in the US and make choices, because they can.  Not all of the choices are good, but they can make these choices because we all have something we take for granted—Our FREEDOM.


Thank You.



home of the free because of the brave


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Our 5th Annual Yellow Ribbon Poker Run A HUGE SUCCESS!

Right when we thought last year’s benefit couldn’t be topped, you proved us wrong! Our 5th Annual Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run was a giant success thanks to all our generous sponsors, participants and volunteers!   We had over 115 bikers make the ride this year, more than double from the previous year! And once again, Riverfront Park rocked at the post poker run party with food, music, prizes and of course the Ride-In Bike Show.  This year’s Best of Show trophy went to Jeff Harris, artist, chef and motorcycle enthusiast!  Congrats to all our winners!

best in show jeff harris

If you missed this year’s event, mark us down for next year. We are always the 4th Saturday in July. Our Yellow Ribbon Run has gained a reputation for not only offering a gorgeous ride through the countryside, but a great day to meet others with the common objective of supporting our troops! All proceeds from this event pay for our holiday drive to ship care packages to our troops overseas. We are very, very grateful to all that supported us.




To see our full album of photos for this event, please join us on Facebook



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Poker Run Schedule of Events and Route

Looks like we’ll have a GREAT day for a GREAT ride for a GREAT cause this Saturday!  Nearly ALL of the Biker Gift Bags have been claimed by the first 50 people who registered and paid early!  BUT!  We do have a few left!


On-line early registration closes at 10 pm July 23rd. After that, you will need to register the morning of the ride “at the door”at the Sedro Wolley Eagle’s Club on Metcalf.

Pricing does go up $5 per person when you register at the Eagle’s Club the morning of the event

Click to Register Here Now!


Poker Run Route & Schedule of Events

Poker Run Route pg 2

Poker Run Route pg 3

Poker Run Route pg 4

Poker Run Route  pg 5

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Raffle Grand Prize Revealed!

We are excited to announce the Gift Bag Grand Prize for this year!

Only the first 50 people who register & pay for the Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run  are eligible to participate in this Raffle, which includes an overnight Stay at the Sheraton Inn in Seattle, Sponsored by Yeates Family Dental , as well as two tickets to Jazz Alleyand the  Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center!

Be sure to cruise on over and get your registration in NOW!


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Call for Volunteers!!

Volunteers are needed for this year’s fundraising event to raise money for postage for Christmas Care Packages.  We will be sending over ONE TON of care package items to troops from our area serving overseas during the Christmas Holiday Season!

Following is a list of volunteer opportunities that need to be filled to make this year’s Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run and Yellow Ribbon Troop Support Party a grand success!  Please take a look at these fun activities and let us know if you can help.  Even if it is only for a few hours, we know you will enjoy the fellowship, great music and rewards of contributing to such a good cause.

registration cropped


There is a wide variety of activities planned for children and, of course, the Ride-In Motorcycle Show, Ride-In Bicycle Show, Barrel Roll and Slow Ride Competitions, AND MORE!


dogIf you would like to be a part of this rewarding effort by volunteering , please contact us at coordinator@swcommunitytroopsupport.com  or join us on June 17th, 5:30 PM at the Sedro Woolley Eagles. Hope to see you there!

Feel free to review our Volunteer Orientation Package !



Photographer: Riverfront Park

  • Photographer #1 12:00 to 2:00:  NEED!
  • Photographer #2 2:00 to 4:00:   NEED!

Card Draw Volunteers; Time to be determined; most stops will be between 9:00-11:00

Sweepers (follows route behind all riders)

  • Sweeper #1:  Fred
  • Sweeper #2:  NEED!
  • Sweeper #3:  NEED!
  • Sweeper #4:  NEED!


SWCTS Information Table; Riverfront Park, Sedro-Woolley 

  • Volunteer #1 12:00-2:00  NEED!
  • Volunteer #2 2:00-4:00    NEED!

Children’s Letter Writing Table; Riverfront Park, Sedro-Woolley

  • Volunteer #1 12:00 – 2:00  NEED!
  • Volunteer #2 2:00 – 4:00    NEED!

Ride-In BICYCLE Show; Riverfront Park; Sedro-Woolley

  • Registration 12:00 – 2:00  NEED!
  • Instructor (Advisor) 12:00 – 2:00  NEED!
  • Voting Talley 2:00 – 2:30  NEED!

50/50 Cash Draw; Riverfront Park; Sedro-Woolley

  • Ticket Sales:  Sherry
  • Ticket Sales 12:00 – 2:00  NEED!

T-Shirt & CD Sales; Large Shelter; Riverfront Park; Large Shelter

  • Cashier #1:  Leo
  • Cashier #2:  Jan
  • Cashier #3 2:00-4:00  NEED!

Prize Table; Next to Large Shelter; Riverfront Park; Sedro-Woolley

  • Check-in: Diane
  • Table Supervisor:  Bruce
  • Table Supervisor 2:00-4:00  NEED!
  • $50+ Gift Registration  NEED!

Ride-in Bike Show, Barrel Roll & Slow Ride Competition Registration; 12:00-3:30
Registrar #1:  Lynda
Registrar #2:  Rob
Registrar #3  NEED!
Voting Talley: #1 Lynda
Voting Talley: #2 Rob




Public Poster - 200 copies, special paper

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Volunteer Appreciation!

Shout out to our dedicated volunteer, Leo, for his handy work in making these sign boards for us to use at various events!  Leo Smith and his wife, Jan, contribute to SWCTS in many ways and are always looking for new ways to help out!  THANK YOU!




Leo Smith

We’d also like to give a big shout out to Anthony Pineda and Fidalgo Networking for their support and generosity over the years.  They graciously host our website and e-mail address, as well as lend advice on all things computer related!  What would we do without you guys?


Anthony Pineda with our founder, Marylin Pineda 

And since we are shouting out…let’s hear it for Mike in The Morning and KAPS Country Radio!  Both KAPS and KBRC have been great supporters over the years and have helped us spread the word about upcoming events, volunteer needs and Christmas Care Package drop off sites.   Keep your KAPS on keep up on the latest news from SWCTS!


Mike In The Morning with his Certificate of Appreciation from SWCTS

“Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are PRICELESS!”

                                                            ~ Author Unknown

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Volunteers Invited!

Please Join Us! logo

On May 20th at 5:30 PM we will be holding our planning meeting and would like to invite our neighbors to join us. We have LOTS of exciting events coming up this summer to help sponsor our efforts in supporting the heroic efforts of our service men and women.


We will again be participating in the infamous Loggerrodeo 4th of July Parade as well as planning our annual Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run and Yellow Ribbon Troop Support Party at Riverfront Park. This year’s event is going to be more exciting than ever with live music, food vendors and fun for the kids. The public is definitely invited and it’s FREE!

yellow ribbon

If you would like to be a part of this rewarding effort by volunteering or contributing to event organization, please contact us at coordinator@swcommunitytroopsupport.com  or join us on May 20th at the Sedro Woolley Eagles. Hope to see you there!



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