Happy Valentine’s Day!

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6th Annual Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run

Saturday July 25, 2015 – Saturday July 25, 2015


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Always the LAST SATURDAY in July!  Join us for a beautiful ride, lots of fellowship and prizes!  Route, pricing and other details to come soon!

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Donation Drop Off Day

Saturday September 12, 2015 – Saturday September 12, 2015


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Join us, Saturday, September 12th from 10 until 4 pm to collect donations of items for our Christmas Care Packages.  Location TBD.  For a Wish List of items, please click HERE

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Fred Meyer Rewards

Do you shop at Fred Meyer?  Did you know, by linking your rewards card to Sedro Woolley Community Troop Support you are supporting our troops?

It is super easy to do and each time you use your rewards card, SW Community Troop Support will earn a donation from Freddy’s!

fred meyerGet started today by clicking HERE

(you will be redirected to the Fred Meyer sign up website)

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An Update from our President

Dear Troop Supporters ~

Please join us for our first Troop Support meeting of 2015 at the Eagles’ Club in Sedro Woolley at 5:30 on Tuesday, January 27th.  We will be accepting nominations and voting for Board members, so your participation at this upcoming meeting is really important.  We will also begin planing our activities for 2015.

Normally, we only send one mailing each year; but with the strong support of the community, we are able to again spread our gestures of support and good will to our troops so far from home.  So, please send us the names/addresses of your friends or loved ones serving overseas.  This mailing will be “Sweet”….packed with lots of goodies!

The Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run will be bigger and better this year!  We continue to raise the bar on what we intend to accomplish.  This event is planned by bikers for bikers.  We want to make this event fun for you and your family.  So, please know your suggestions are valued, and we will do everything in our power to make this event one you will enjoy and continue to support!

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy new year!

Cassie Freer

President / Coordinator

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Results of the KISM Very Woolley Christmas Broadcast

On December 19, KISM held A Very Woolley Christmas Fund Raiser at Bob’s Burger and Brew to help us raise funds for Christmas Care Packages!  It was AWESOME! Nearly $2,000 was raised during the broadcast!

 brad and john

There were so many wonderful highlights of the day, starting with this story that was read on the air that was sent to us by Steven P, who received Christmas Care Packages from us last year:

I wanted to say thank you again for all the support you showed my entire unit while I at the Role 3 hospital in Kandahar. All items were greatly appreciated. We were able to share with many others within the hospital. Our supply train to the Role 3 was greatly reduced as they started the troop draw down. The number of items easily accessible that reminded people of home were the first thing to go. Working in a trauma operating room, we often missed meals, so all the snacks that were sent were wonderful! We actually hosted a few breakfast events just outside the operating room suites when we were slower, and they were a huge hit. I can not thank you enough for the little reminder of all we are fighting for. Many of the troops I was stationed with had ties to the northwest. I am wrapping up my leave with family in Mount Vernon, and headed back to Lemoore, CA. I was really hoping to be able to stop by and say thank you in person. Schedules being what they are, I missed you guys. I did swing by Naval Hospital Bremerton and was able to check up on 3 of the members who received care packages. They all said to say thank you again. It really helped lift spirits. Looking forward to being able to come and help with an event and pay forward a little bit of the love we were shown by your group.

Very respectfully,

Steven P

HM2/ Petty Officer 2nd Class US Navy

Surgical Technologist

Lots of Vets that attended the event were able to share their stories on the air (including SWCTS volunteer Pete Sill), which was a great opportunity for them to express how important care packages are and to thank SWCTS for our hard work.   The support of our Vets is sincerely appreciated and we want to extend a big “Thank You” to the Combat Veterans International for coming to the broadcast and for their generous donation.

Many other connections were made that morning, including one with the Skagit Valley Marine Corps League.  We definitely see them as a strong partner in the future.

We sincerely appreciate the donation by Cook Road Shell Station, Bob’s Burger and Brew, the Red Cross, Maskell Photography and many others.  It was especially nice to see our friend Steve from Skagit Speedway, who arrived with two boxes of items for our care packages and spent a moment on the air with Brad and John.

 steve bietler

There are lots of other “Slices of Life” that were shared with us throughout the morning.  Our group of committed volunteers appreciate the accolades and gratitude for the work that is done to send a little Christmas cheer to those who serve on our behalf.

A huge thanks to our President, Cassie Freer for putting this together, as well as to Marilyn and Leo for arriving at such an early hour; their presence was very important in greeting supporters and thanking them for their donations.

We wish you the absolutely best Christmas and want the next year to bring you many blessings!

Afganistan Medic Santa

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A Very Woolley Christmas!

lance eating

KISM will be broadcasting from Bob’s Burger and Brew at the Corner of  Cook Road in Burlington on Friday, December 19th from 6-9:45 am and have asked us to be a part of the program again this year.  This is  an awesome opportunity to tell our story to a wide audience, as well as help us raise funds.

We invite you to join us and are especially interested in having any recipients of care packages come to the event and/or call in to share their experience with the listeners.  Or if time is tight, a written note that we can share on the air would be awesome as well!

Please contact coordinator@swcommunitytroopsupport.com for more details if you would like to join us!

KISM is going to have a drawing at Bob’s Burger and Brew for a Christmas stocking that will include HUNDRED’s of dollars of gift certificates, including jewelry and a Cabella’s gift certificate, among lots of other goodies.  They are still adding to the stocking, and John Reynolds (an awesome SWCTS supporter) will provide more details as the stocking is stuffed!

Thank you for your support of our troops!

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Now Accepting Name for Care Packages

2015 Holiday Care Packages for Our Troops Serving Overseas ~ Now Accepting Recipient Names

Who do you know? Our Annual Christmas Mailing is rapidly approaching and we are seeking names of friends or family currently serving our country overseas. Each year we ship more than 200 care packages packed with items requested by our troops. If you know of someone that could benefit from receiving great stuff from home, please visit our website www.swcommunitytroopsupport.com where you can submit their mailing address.

Care package donations will be graciously accepted through 11/11/2014 this year. Visit our website for drop off locations throughout the area, as well as our Wish List.   Click Here

Afganistan Medic Santa

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Help Needed!

Saturday, September 13th we will be holding our Annual Donation Drop Off Day and NEED YOUR HELP to make this a success!  Volunteers are needed to hand out copies of our Wish List and collect supplies from shoppers for our Christmas Care Packages this holiday season at Wal-Mart in Mount Vernon and Fred Meyer in Burlington.  Please let us know if you can help out!

Fred Meyer 

9 am – 11 am   Virginia – NEED ONE MORE VOLUNTEER

11 am – 1 pm    NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS

1 pm – 3 pm     NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS



9 am – 11 am   Sherry – NEED ONE MORE

11 am – 1 pm   NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS

1 pm – 3 pm     NEED TWO VOLUNTEERS

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Surprise Box of Donations Received

Last Tuesday there was a surprise box of donations filled with Christmas Care Package items in our mailbox along with the following letter that we would like to share with you~


Baltimore, MD

July 2014

Dear Service Member,

My name is Marina and I am 30 years old, married and family on both sides—lots of fun and drama at the same time.  I am sending care packages in my father’s memory, who passed almost a year before, and who was giving everything, the shirt on his back if need be, to others in need.  My father was a great man, an eye surgeon in a country called Romania in Eastern Europe.  By making many people see with pro-bono surgeries for poor people and good prices for those with money, my father made me “see” what a rich feeling it is to love and care for others.  He gave me and my brother somewhat of a military education when we were growing up, which we came to understand and appreciate in later years.  I have never seen so many flowers in my life like I have seen on his grave and at his funeral, brought by a mass of people.


I am a counselor.  I have been working with children with special needs for over 12 years, now going into my internship in this country to get licensed here—and switching to elderly.  Not as big a leap as it may seem—just an upgrade.  It’s time for me and God showed me my next step.


This letter is not about my father though.  And it is not about me.  Or my family, or my lifestyle.


This letter is about you.  By choosing to be there, to sacrifice yourself to be away from your loved ones for long periods of time, you made it possible for me to attend to every child and young adult I worked with.  Now, as I am moving on, you make it possible for me to help old people (70+ years old) to enjoy and look forward to what they have left ahead.  Both populations, children and elderly, are part of you and I.  At young ages, we had no clue of the world, at old ages we will have little energy left, though tons of clues.


In between these extremes, it’s us, you and me.  Today, like Alice in Wonderland–2 sides of the mirror.  We do our best at what we know.  I want to reach through the mirror and shake your hand.  “Good job, brother” … “Good job, sister”..  If you don’t have anybody home, I want you to know that you do.  About 300 million people like me, whose parents raised them in a safe world, wake up every day in the US and make choices, because they can.  Not all of the choices are good, but they can make these choices because we all have something we take for granted—Our FREEDOM.


Thank You.



home of the free because of the brave


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